Decants for Women

What is a decant?

A decant is another name used for the atomizer (or sample vial). Decanting means transferring liquid from one place to another. We transfer fragrances from their original bottle to smaller sample formats.


Are they original perfumes?

Our hand-decanted perfumes and products are 100% authentic and original. They have been purchased from authorized vendors or directly from manufacturers.

We do not alter the original state of perfumes in any way. We simply transfer the liquid to a new atomizer.

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How do you decant a perfume?

The process is carried out under aseptic sterilization, we carefully decant each sample by hand. Using a sterile syringe, we measure and transfer the liquid from the original retail bottle to the new atomizer. The decanting process is carried out delicately without altering the original perfume.

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Why choose us?

Professional decanting service

  • Ease

    Easy and affordable perfume decanting service that offers an incredible variety.

  • Authenticity

    We guarantee that all our perfumes are totally authentic without exception.

  • Quality

    We offer thick glass bottles and vials, labeled and securely wrapped.

  • Security

    Safe and fast shipments with good packaging to protect the bottles and vials.

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