Los 5 mejores perfumes masculinos 2023

The 5 best men's perfumes 2023

The 5 best men's perfumes for summer 2023. They mark the personality a lot and are quite a statement of intent.

It's okay if we opt for a genderless perfume for summer; they are versatile, light, safe... but there are times when we need to give a clearer message. For this reason, we have gathered the 5 best men's perfumes for summer 2023 in a small list... to make things easier for you. These are the best men's perfumes of summer 2022

1- 5 Best men's perfumes of summer 2023: Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio EDP

We all love the classic version of this perfume and its citrus and marine notes that remind us of a beach on the Italian coast. A true classic, yes, but there are times when we have to vary things. The EDP version of Acqua di Gio essentially maintains some things from its original, such as the marine notes and the green mandarin in the top notes, but this is where the similarities end: in the heart we have geranium, washed and sage and as a base patchouli, vetiver and mineral notes. It still smells of the sea... but in its own way.

These are the best men's perfumes of summer 2022

Spicebomb Infrared is an explosive and very sexy fragrance perfect for the night. One of the 5 best men's perfumes.

2 – Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb Infrared one of the 5 best fragrances for men

You have to be careful with Spicebomb Infrared: it is explosive. All the names in this family of perfumes inspired by pomegranates have a very strong personality and are not for beginners... they are for men who know very well what they want and are not afraid to say it without mincing words. Spicebomb Infrared is one of those fragrances that does not need justifications and is going to steal everyone's attention without regard with its output of red berries, pink pepper and saffron... sexy and spicy. In the heart the temperature is maintained with red pepper and cinnamon and there is tobacco and benzoin as a base. Warning: this is a rather particular masculine fragrance for summer and is best reserved for the night… if you are looking for something more controllable, try a unisex one.

These are the best men's perfumes of summer 2022 Take a walk through nature with Y Le Parfum… Available at Decanty

3 – 5 Best Men's Summer Colognes: Yves Saint Laurent And Le Parfum

YSL Y Le Parfum is a perfume for fans of the scent of herbs... and a star in all seasons and at all hours of the day. But, since it's summer, the botanical smells will remind us of a super cool walk through a garden. And Le Parfum transports us to a fruit orchard with its green apple and grapefruit opening, contrasted with ginger and aldehydes. Its heart leads us through a flower garden: sage, lavender and geranium and its base makes us feel like we are in a forest with cedar, patchouli, olive oil and tonka grain.

These are the best men's perfumes of summer 2022 It has a woody fragrance with a summer key like this one from Diesel, one of the best fragrances. Available at Decanty

4 – 5 Best men's perfumes SS22: Diesel Sound of the Brave

Don't be fooled by its blue bottle, Sound of the Brave does not smell of the sea. It is perfect for men who are looking for that woody smell in summer but who do not want to complicate it too much with an overly complicated scent evolution; It has 3 ingredients and that's it. And for summer, wearing a simple woody fragrance is the best we can do. At the top we have lemon and juniper to keep things light and sweet grass in the heart... all united perfectly with a base of tree amber. The perfect fragrance that takes us to a summer forest.

These are the best men's perfumes of summer 2022 One of the 5 best men's perfumes with the most interesting mix of flowers and citrus this summer with Prada Luna Rossa Ocean. Available at Decanty

5 – 5 Best men's perfumes for summer 2022: Prada Luna Rossa Ocean

This is the fragrance that all men are going to need to have for the hottest days of summer. It is a citrus cocktail that collides with pink pepper and mugwort at the top and is accompanied by a floral heart of lavender, iris, sage and saffron contrasting with notes of suede. The base is where you have the interesting blend: musk, Haitian vetiver, patchouli, and caramel.

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